The 11th Mini-Symposium on Liquids "MSL2017"

Date: October 14th (Sat) 10:00
Place: Kyushu University (Ito Campus), W1-C-408 Faculty of Science Conference Room, West Zone building 1,
Fee: 1000YEN (500YEN for students)

Place: TBA
Fee: Actual expenses

Invited Talks

  • Tomonari Sumi (Okayama)
  • Development of reference-modified density functional theory to improve the prediction of solvation free energy

  • Masashi Torikai (Mie)
  • Free energy functional approach to inverse problem for self-assembly

  • Akira Yoshimori (Niigata)
  • Perturbation methods for deriving microscopically the Stokes-Einstein law

  • Kang Kim (Osaka)
  • On the Stokes-Einstein Relation in Supercooled Water: Violation vs. Preservation

  • Naofumi Shimokawa (JAIST)
  • Phase separation and morphological change of charged lipid membranes

  • Mafumi Hishida (Tsukuba)
  • The electrostatic double-layer force between charged lipid bilayers forming multi-lamellar structure

    Registration (Deadline for Poster Presentation: 15:00 6th October 2017


  • Kenichiro Koga (Okayama)
  • Ryo Akiyama (Kyushu)