10:00-11:30 Poster Session

-- Lunch --

12:30 Tomonari Sumi (Okayama)

Development of reference-modified density functional theory to improve the prediction of solvation free energy

13:00 Masashi Torikai (Mie)

Free energy functional approach to inverse problem for self-assembly

13:30 Akira Yoshimori (Niigata)

Perturbation methods for deriving microscopically the Stokes-Einstein law

14:00-16:30 Poster Preview and Poster Session

16:30 Kang Kim (Osaka)

On the Stokes-Einstein Relation in Supercooled Water: Violation vs. Preservation

17:00 Naofumi Shimokawa (JAIST)

Phase separation and morphological change of charged lipid membranes

17:30 Mafumi Hishida (Tsukuba)

The electrostatic double-layer force between charged lipid bilayers forming multi-lamellar structure

-- Banquet --